Why are Iranian nuts so popular?

One of the emblems of Iranian culture is nuts and dried fruits. In world markets, Iranian nuts and dried fruits are one of the most important export commodities. As a result of their high quality, Iranian nuts are one of the most important examples of Iranian exports to international markets. As a result, Persian nuts have a large following all over the world. One of the major advantages of Iranian nuts over other nuts is their large variety and favorable and affordable selling price. Nuts and Persian Tea are delectable snacks that play an important role in Iranian religious and joyous rituals. Want to buy the best Iranian Pistachios? At tavazo.us, we have a wide variety of pistachios, all sourced from the best growers in Iran. 


Nuts are a blend of dried fruits and other kernels that were formerly believed to be damaging to the body's health. However, researchers currently hold a different viewpoint. Nuts have been demonstrated to have a positive influence on bodily health in long-term studies and research. Protein, calcium, and antioxidant vitamins are all found in the kernels of nuts. Nuts are high in protein, iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, and a variety of other minerals. Dried fruit puree is also a popular ingredient in Iranian cuisine. Lavashak, or dried fruit puree, is marketed in a variety of packaging and sizes with a variety of fruit flavors, and people are still crazy about it since it reminds them of their childhood. tavazo.us is a reliable store where you can buy Iranian Nuts. We have a wide selection of dried fruits at an affordable prices. 




Nuts' Advantages:

When consumed as part of a healthy and balanced diet, nuts are beneficial to both the body and the heart. According to research, those who eat nuts as part of their heart-healthy diet have lower blood cholesterol levels. The nuts' vitamin E and protein aid in keeping blood vessels healthy, decreasing blood pressure and preventing heart attacks. Seeking the best place to buy iranian coffee? tavazo.us is here to help you. We offer a wide selection of delicious blends that satisfy your taste buds. 


Iranian Spices:

The use of culinary herbs and spices has a long and illustrious history in Persian cuisine. These herbs and spices not only contribute color, scent, and flavor to a dish, but they also aid in the promotion of health and illness prevention. 

Spices, in addition to nuts, are acknowledged to be an essential element of Iranian culture. One spice in particular, among all the spices used in Persian cuisine, is almost like a hidden ingredient. Persian Saffron, often known as red gold in Iran, is what gives most Iranian dishes their flavor. 


More about Persian Cuisine

Iranian cuisine is inextricably linked to Persian rice. The range of rice types available in Iran, as well as the Persian-style rice cooking methods, are astounding. Although it may appear to be lengthy and scary, patience is a crucial attribute in the Persian cooking culture. To make the perfect fluffy Persian rice, all you need is a Persian Rice Cooker and a little patience. 


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