Men's toupee has come to stay. It is almost as though every other day, one toupee hairstyle or the other trends on social media, especially the male lace front. How they can be made to appear like one's real hair very easily is always such an amusing sight to behold.

Now we're not just talking about any kind of toupee, this is the male lace front toupee and every man should covet one or two of good quality, whether he is struggling with hair loss or not. Yes, even those who have their natural hair intact can use the male lace-front toupee to change their hairstyle! The men's lace-front toupees allow you to put in different looks as frequently as you want without putting your own hair through the stress and friction of styling and 'styling.

Men's lace toupee

The thing about toupees, especially the male lace-front ones, is that it would be completely ironic if you put on something of low quality. You need to get your hands on the good stuff. Even if you're not struggling with hair loss of any kind, good quality toupees are designed to keep the fact that you're putting them on a secret. No one needs to know, because they are so natural-looking. Simply enjoy the compliments and attention while you rock your men's lace-front toupee.

What makes the lace-front toupee different?

A male lace front is simply a toupee that uses a strip of lace material to give the impression of a more natural hairline. The lace doesn't cover the whole base, it is only just in front, spanning from ear to ear and inwards towards the apex of your head. The lace material is unique in that it is designed for each person according to the likeness of their skin so that it forms a perfectly natural-looking skin over your scalp and blends with your own skin. The remaining is made of a different material that is more durable and tear-resistant so that you combine durability and neutrality in one hairpiece.

lace front toupee

The lace-front toupees give you the option of deciding what you want to do with your hairline and how you want it to look. Since the hairline is the easiest point to determine whether someone's wearing a wig or not, lace-fronts offer the best disguise for men and provides the most accurate illusion of natural growth of hair from the scalp.

Wearing a lace-front toupee

If you attach your lace-front the right way, it will not cause any damage whatsoever to your hair or scalp. Affixing the lace-front may be a little more complex than fixing other hairpieces. To avoid causing damage such as thinning to your hair, you should fix your lace-front properly. It's not difficult, you just need to know how to do it right.

Lace-front toupees are generally not worn for long periods when compared to other types of hairpieces. They are lightweight and more comfortable than others but because of the mode of attachment, they may only be able to stay on for a couple of weeks, depending on the products used to apply the toupee.

Just like it is for women, the men's lace-front toupee can be attached with or without glue. The non-adhesive lace-fronts use a wig grip to ensure it stays in place. These are also used when you want to wear the toupee only very briefly so that it can be easily taken off after.

If you don't want to use adhesives for whatsoever reason, then you'd need a wig grip to keep your toupee slip-proof. The grip is just an elastic flexible band usually made of velvet material. It is designed to bring you no discomfort while firmly holding down your male lace front.

To apply your lace-front toupee using the grip:

-First, you need to braid or flatten your hair. When that is done, place the grip on your scalp just before your natural edges and secure the grip at its ends. It shouldn't be too tight, just tight enough for a good grip.

-Next, put your lace-front toupee on your head and adjust it into the grip until it has made a good grip. Then, secure the toupee at the nape.

-Your hair is almost ready. Hold the new hair back with a pin so that you can focus on the edges. Work on your hairline with the hairs in front to make them fall out and look natural. Now you can style your hair as you want.

Securing your lace-front with adhesives is a little different. You, first of all, need your scalp clean and oil-free. Use a brush or sponge and alcohol to achieve this. Don't forget to flatten your hair. You can keep it in place with gel.

how to wear a lace toupee

-On your dry scalp, you can go ahead and apply the adhesive or glue you want to use. For better long-term results, use high-quality glue that is also water-resistant. However, if you're only wearing the toupee temporarily like a couple of days or a few hours, then tapes or ordinary glue should do.

-Apply the glue in layers onto your hairline. Allow one layer to dry before overlaying. Two layers should be enough. Now allow it to all dry out. It should have a clear (not white) appearance once it is dry.

-Now, wear your toupee by pressing it onto the adhesive. Hold on place for a few seconds until it is firm. You can use an elastic strap to wrap around the edges so that it sticks even more. Once your toupee has stabilized, cut off the excess lace in front up to the level of your hairline. At this point, your new hair is ready for styling.

Removing the lace-front

When you're done wearing the toupee, you'd need special solvents to aid its removal. There are many solvents made for the purpose of softening adhesives but alcohol could work if the adhesive is not so strong. Use a brush to apply the solvent to your scalp until the adhesive dissolves. Don't just pull off the hairpiece all at once as there may be areas that are still glued to your scalp.