Canada is one of the favourite destinations for Indian students studying abroad. It is home to some of the best-rated universities and colleges with affordable tuition fees. What makes it so attractive? Cherry is on top that Canada offers some star jobs. They relaxed travel restrictions and the Graduate Work Permit (PWP) rules led to this rise in student enrollment. Apart from all these, the natural beauty, multicultural diversity and people who welcome everyone are valued.


Why Study in Canada?

Spend less, live better: Canada offers international students a budget-friendly career, making it a better choice than other countries. The cost of living depends on the area, but it can be even better. 

Top Universities and Colleges: Canada has some of the world's most prestigious universities in the world. The degree received in Canada is a great honour. It is also worth noting that 4 Canadian cities are ranked in the top 100 best student cities in the world in the world university rankings.


Get those extra tips: An international student studying in Canada can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week. They can work full-time during summer and winter breaks. It helps to earn some extra money and spend it on your needs. So, enjoy the freedom it gives.

Charming cities and refined cultures await you: Canada is a place where you can find a mix of vibrant city life and tranquil landscape. From Niagara Falls to the Royal Ontario Museum, the country is waiting for you to explore. All of these ensure the best quality of life and job opportunities for you.


Infinite Purpose for Research: Now, this is good news for all research scholars in Canada. Canada attaches great importance to research and development, and the Canadian government has also placed great pressure on it. This is what makes Canada the best choice for those interested in science and research.

Immigration Benefits: The Canadian government has recently introduced some immigration benefits for international students. They will be eligible for an additional work permit called the Postgraduate Work Permit Program (PWP), which is valid for 18 months beginning in the summer of 2022. This gives you a double benefit. You can return to your country with an international certificate of experience or settle permanently in Canada.

Always be quiet: Did you know that Canada continues to rank among the safest countries in the world? As of 2022, Canada is the tenth most peaceful country on the World Peace Index. Also, do not worry; You will get the same benefits as a Canadian.

Vibrant Campus Life Guarantee: All campuses across Canada host a wide variety of events, festivals, events and other activities so it will always be entertaining to you. This will help you to interact with new people and cultures so you can reduce swelling.