Do you have an office party to attend this weekend but don’t have a date for the same?

Have your parents arranged a charity ball on your birthday when you have to bring your nonexistent girlfriend?

Most often, men find themselves in situations where they have to attend any event with the plus one but end up finding none. You cannot ask any random girl you know to be your plus one for the night. Not only is the action unchivalrous, but it also puts you in an awkward situation. Therefore, the best option you have is to choose a Goa escort for yourself who can be your plus one for the entire night.

Finding the best companion is difficult when you have so many options, especially in Goa. Although one issue is solved, another arises in choosing the best woman from a long list of Goa escorts. No one will know who the girl is, and you can quickly attend that event without facing further problems.

Keeping this in mind, we have shared seven factors to help you find the perfect call girl who can be your plus one for the night.

Escort agency VS independent call girl


You can choose between a Goa escort agency or an independent call girl. While services are similar in either case, there are several differences between an escort agency and an independent call girl. For instance, you will get the flexibility of time, meeting location, and services with a call girl working independently. But expecting the same from an agency will lead you nowhere.

At the same time, an escort agency offers you the trust and assurance one needs while hiring an escort, especially for a public event. However, an independent call girl won't be able to provide you with the same level of reliability. She can bail out on you at any point in time without prior notice. So, your choice will depend on whether you want security or flexibility.



Since you will take the escort to an elite event, choosing an amateur means welcoming disaster with your hands. People often judge the experience based on the number of years an escort agency has been active in the market. For instance, let's say an escort agency was started seven years ago. Therefore, it is better to go for an experienced call girl who knows what to do at such parties.

However, it started providing elite or VIP escort services almost two years ago. So, its experience will be for two years only and not seven years. Therefore, you must be cautious enough to ensure the agency you have chosen has enough experience in the field.

Market reputation


If you are new to Goa or it is your first time hiring an escort, paying attention to the company's reputation is crucial. The main question is why? If you trust a random agency with no market reputation, how will you know whether the services are up to the mark or not? It's practically impossible to answer these questions without knowing about the agency's popularity.

Therefore, go through the reviews and feedback left by past customers to know if the chosen agency can live up to your expectations or not. Since the reviews will have both positive and negative thoughts, you should with the options and then proceed further.

Trust and credibility


Perhaps, this is the most crucial factor in judging the call girls in Goa. If you do not opt for an escort who is trustworthy and credible, the likeliness of being stuck in a scam or fraudulent deal is more. You are not a tarot card reader who will know whether the chosen escort is reliable or not. With no option for prediction, you can find yourself in jeopardy later on.

For this reason, the primary factor you should incorporate into your judgment list is trust. Check the reviews, have a one-on-one conversation with the escort, go through the policies of the escort agency, and sign NDA or non-disclosure agreement, but ensure you check the level of credibility and reliability of the escort.


Service types


Most Goa escorts offer a wide range of services to ensure they can cater to everyone's needs without hassle. For example, VIP escorts can offer services like private massage, accompany you on tour, and so on. Therefore, checking the service types before hiring is exceptionally crucial. Thus, if you do not check the services, you may miss outstanding opportunities to have some fun after the party or event.

Escort profiles


Another vital factor that you should not ignore is scrutinizing escort profiles. For example, let's say the agency you have chosen has about seven VIP escorts. Looking at their faces or studying their height and weight won't give you an insight into their personality and character. For instance, let's suppose you want a VIP escort who is outgoing, jolly, and can mix with everyone.

You wouldn't know all these facts unless and until you properly go through the profiles of the seven VIP escorts. So, read the descriptions written below the pictures of every escort thoroughly. This will let you know if the chosen woman is perfect for you or not.

Service charges


You might be ready to spend a handsome amount on an escort. However, if you do not pay attention to the service charges, you might pay more than you can afford. Therefore, you should check how much you have to pay before you start the procedure for booking the escort for the event night.

Sometimes, you can even negotiate the service charges and get discounts. This way, you don't have to worry about paying a lump sum to hire an escort for the event night as your plus one.



As you now know the best ways to look for a perfect woman from a long list of call girls in Goa, you don't have to worry about making a wrong choice. Follow the tips described above, so you don't end up with the wrong girl or enough fraudulent deals.