Honda is the largest and leading car brand in Pakistan, especially in the field of bicycles. If we talk about the new Honda CD 70, it is the first choice of every Pakistani, which makes it the most preferred Honda motorcycle. It is made with outstanding Japanese technology and impressive design, and its best Honda feature is that it is reliable and fuel-efficient. Here are the top Honda Features for CD 70 2022.

Performance and mileage

The Honda CD 70 has an outstanding combination of a smokeless four-stroke engine and super Econo power, making it the company’s most desirable motorcycle. The four-stroke engine is a single-cylinder air-cooled OHC engine, durable and long-lasting. These features make it fuel-efficient and give you an incredible 80 kilometers per liter, which you can’t expect from any other motorcycle.

Safety features

Most people think motorcycles are dangerous, but let me tell you, the Honda CD 70 has all the safety features a bike can have to keep you safe on the road. It has high-quality tires, so it rides smoothly on all roads and keeps a good balance. Its brakes are also made of high-quality material. It has asbestos-free, environmentally friendly brakes that make it strong and durable on dangerous roads and in heavy traffic.

Features of the CD 70

The interior is made of the most modern and high-tech devices, making it an ideal motorcycle. It has 4 speeds and several wet clutch plates that allow a smooth ride on all types of roads and ensures stability and balance. It is also equipped with the best suspension system. One of the most amazing features is that its fuel tank can hold 9 liters of petrol. This will make it your best companion in the long run.


It has a charismatic design with a sporty touch and a dynamic aerodynamic body shape. It has been designed with the most impressive graphics. It has a comfortable seat to make your journey easier and more comfortable.

It also has an adjustable handle so you can adjust it to your height. It has a modern switch layout that allows left-hand operation. It also has high-quality side covers with a locking system. It is made with high-quality shock absorbers that make it ideal for driving on rough roads.

Distinguishing features

Below are some of the attractive key features that the latest Honda CD 70 is equipped with:

It has a 3-year engine warranty.

Its engine is durable, environmentally friendly, and fuel-efficient, covering 80 kilometers on one liter of petrol.

It is built with stronger spokes and a reliable rear wheel.

Excellent design with safety bars

Has a silencer

Has a strong side cover with durable locks.

Large capacity fuel tank with a sporty design

Single-cylinder air-cooled four-stroke OHC engine

Features an outstanding compression ratio of 8.8: 1

Has a spinal frame

It’s the start of a great motorcycle

It has an outstanding 4-speed continuous massaging gearbox

It has 9 liters of fuel capacity.

Dry weight 82 kg

Has a high resale value.

It is available in two attractive colors, red and black.

Spare parts are readily available on the market.


Hope we have solved all your confusion regarding the price of the new Honda CD 70 2016 in Pakistan, its features, specifications, and pictures as this is the best bike option. Its strong grip and smooth ride make it the most popular bike in the country and has the highest sales. So buy Honda CD 70 now and have a superb biking experience that is not to be missed at any price.