Gardening is a wonderful hobby that can benefit both your physical health and mental health. It's also more cost-effective than buying fruit and veg from the supermarket, especially if you grow your own. So no matter how old you are, it's always fun to have a garden outside, call Garden Services Christchurch for more details.

Planning A Garden That Suits Your Life

Now that you are getting older, it is time to think about how much time you have to spend in the garden. A vegetable garden will take more work than an ornamental flower bed.

Once you have decided what kind of garden you want, plan the layout so that it suits your lifestyle and space. You can hire Garden Services Christchurch to get the garden project done nicely. Make sure there is enough room for a wheelbarrow and tools, as well as access to watering and fertilising.

Make sure city officials must approve any new additions such as trees before being planted because they might interfere with overhead wires such as power lines.

Garden Services Christchurch

It's Good For Your Mental Health

If you are feeling stressed, depressed or anxious, gardening is a great way to relax and reduce your stress levels. The physical activity involved in gardening helps keep your body healthy, while the social aspect can help you make new friends.

If you don’t like interacting with people very much or if you find it hard to get out of bed because of depression, gardening could be good for you because it allows you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine without having to deal with other things people.

Gardening also provides an opportunity for quiet reflection and meditation that can help improve your mental health by reducing anxiety and depression symptoms.

You Can Enjoy Your Garden All Year Round

  • You can grow food all year round. From the fresh green shoots of spring to the ripening tomatoes and cucumbers in summer and autumn, right through to winter salads – there’s always something that can be grown outside in your garden if you have a suitable climate.
  • If you like growing herbs and flowers, then there are plenty of plants that will thrive even during colder months as long as they are protected from frost by insulation or a greenhouse. Many flower varieties will flower throughout the year or at least until frosts become too severe for their delicate flowers (for example chrysanthemum).
  • It takes very little effort throughout the year to keep your garden looking good with regular tidying up and weeding so this is something else that makes gardening an ideal hobby for older people who may find it difficult to get around easily due to mobility problems or other issues associated with getting older such as arthritis etc., though obviously everyone should take care not to overdo it!

Grow Fruit And Veg - It's Cheaper Than The Supermarket

Growing your own fruit and veg can be a great way to save money. You will find it is cheaper than buying them fresh at the supermarket, and you can also cut out the middleman by growing your own.

If you want to grow your own fruit and vegetable garden but don't have much space, think about container gardening. Just because you live in an apartment or townhouse doesn't mean that growing fruit trees, berries or soft fruits aren't possible!

Plenty of handy tips are available online on how best to use containers for any particular plant type, so take some time researching before deciding which ones would work best for you.

It's important not to overlook the health benefits of eating more fresh food from home gardens as well!

This will help improve both physical and mental well-being; research shows that those who consume more natural products have reduced heart disease or diabetes risks - so get planting those seeds today!


If you're thinking about starting a garden, call Garden Services Christchurch today. we hope this article has given you the confidence to do so. If anything, it's an important reminder that anyone can do gardening regardless of age or ability!