Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms. Are you struggling with some technical problem and need to reach Facebook? Facebook offers a customer support system to users. How do I talk to a live person on Facebook? First and foremost, begin with the most preferred medium, i.e., contact number.

Connect Facebook via Contact Number

To reach Facebook customer support through phone number, you have to dial 650-543-4800

Connect Facebook via Help Centre

Facebook offers an extensive help center page for the convenience of users. Plus, many articles to guide the users. Follow the steps to reach the help page: 

  • Log into your Facebook profile, you need a desktop. 
  • Select the dropdown available at the top of the upper-right corner.
  • Pick “Help & support” from the dropdown menu. 

After this, you would have three options, 

  • First, the “Help Center” directs you to the Help center page of Facebook, which leads you to help articles. 
  • Second, “Support Inbox,” where plenty of updates related to Facebook profiles or posts similar to your problem.
  • Third, “Report a problem” forms permit feedback besides submitting any technical glitches and broken features. In this, you can upload recordings and screenshots.

Connect via email 

If you want to email Facebook, you can reach them at support@fb.com. You can also try social media platforms if anyone above mentioned way to connect isn’t working. You can use Twitter. A direct message from the Facebook Twitter account or Facebook Messenger Twitter account. However, the primary method is the Help center.