Many businesses have employees working from home during the pandemic. This transition can be tough and now, you have a bigger challenge. It is virtual onboarding of new employees who are working from home. New employee onboarding has always been a challenge whether the company is working from the office or home. We will describe a few points in this article that you can follow to improve your onboarding process and make it seamless and easy for your employees.

1. Keep the Goals Simple: Whether your employees are working from an office or you are getting a virtual onboarding experience, you should know that the goals remain the same. Do not try to overcomplicate things by introducing new missions or changing your goals just because you are handling things virtually now.

2. Feedback: Empirical feedback is the simplest way to learn about employees’ thoughts and concerns. Asking open ended questions such as ‘what would you do to improve the onboarding process if you were a new hire?’ can be a great way to crowd source ideas..

3. Use Technology: The evolution of technology has given HR teams tools to boost the virtual onboarding process by simple methods. You can use technology to create an exciting and fun onboarding experience for your employees.

4. Start Early: Many HR teams fail to leverage the pre onboarding process. Building up on the initial excitement after offer signing is crucial for increasing the chances of employee retention. Preboarding can be digitized to share with the employees easy and digestible information that they can consume from their phones.

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