Did you know there are opportunities for new Canadian residents? Most of the rights that Canadian citizens enjoy are also available to immigrants who choose to stay in the country permanently. As a result, many people are thinking about immigrating. The freedom to live and work anywhere in the nation is a significant benefit that is granted. Additionally, you and your family members who reside there are entitled to free public schooling and health care.

People move to Canada and after a few years, they plan to invite their parents to Canada. The Canadian government has made this process very simple. There have been a few updates recently regarding PR sponsorship for parents in Canada which we will discuss in this blog along with associated costs, we’ll be discussing them.


Sponsoring Parents to Canada

If you want to sponsor your parents in Canada, you should be aware of the lottery system. When we say lottery system, it’s nothing but you’re directly applying the application for sponsorship and you’re given a date by IRCC. After the cut-off date, the department picks random applications out of a pool of applications and after that, the selected candidates are given sponsorship.

Now the question is, who is eligible for this sponsorship? Biological parents, step-parents, adopted parents, and grandparents who are dependent on you can be invited for PR. Besides that, you can also sponsor your siblings if they are dependent on you and under the age of 22. You will need to show the police clearance certificate, biometrics, and medical tests, along with other documents for PR sponsorship for parents.


Costs to Sponsor Parents in Canada

A person who is already having Canadian PR or citizenship and meet minimum eligibility criteria can sponsor parents to Canada. If you’re sponsoring your parents/ grandparents, you’ll have to pay a sponsorship fee ($75), principal applicant processing fee ($490), and right of permanent residence fee ($515). You can find more details about the Canada family sponsorship application by clicking here. If you’re looking for the best Canada immigration advice and assistance, you should go nowhere but CW Immigration.