There are a lot of fun things you can do to keep your indoor children entertained, but one of the most popular and competitive is making a naughty castle. This is a great activity to do as a family, or even as a group of friends, and it can be incredibly fun to make! However, there are a few things you can do to make your naughty castle more competitive and challenging for your children.

Decide on the theme of your castle

Choose the theme before you begin to build to increase the level of competition for your children's indoor playground castle. Consider using Easter-related decorations and accessories to construct a themed castle, for instance. As an alternative, you may design a castle based on a particular kid's book character or plot. Make sure you use the proper decorations and accessories for the theme.

The appropriate materials must be used in order to successfully construct a children's naughty castle. Consider purchasing Mickey Mouse-themed products like figurines and insignia, for instance, if your theme is centered on the cartoon character. Consider decorating the interior of your Easter castle with eggs and other Easter symbols.

Plan the layout of your castle once you've decided on its theme. Start by sketching out a rough design on paper or cardboard. Once you have a general idea of how the space will look, begin filling in the details with paint or other creative materials. Decide where each room should be located and what type of furnishings should be included. To make your castle more challenging and fun for visitors, add obstacles and challenges to each room. For example, place trap doorways in strategic locations.

Choose the right materials

You will want the appropriate supplies to improve your indoor park's naughty castle. Some of these things are available for purchase at your neighborhood store, while others can be made at home.


A competition board is among the supplies you'll need most. Each youngster should have a spot on this board to put their castles. A place on the board should be designated for the announcement of the winner.

A timer is yet another crucial component. The competition's winner will be chosen using this timer. Five minutes should be allotted for the timer, which should beep every thirty seconds.

You'll also need some balloons in contrasting colors. The castle's walls and floors can be adorned with these balloons. You can also use these balloons to create obstacles for the children to overcome.

Finally, you will need some colorful streamers. These streamers can be used to suspend the castles from the ceiling.


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Make your castle look like the competition's

Consider implementing any of these suggestions if you want to step up your game and make your indoor kids' castle look as good as the competition's. Start by painting your walls and floors in more vibrant hues and patterns. Your castle will be better able to distinguish itself from the competition as a result. Additionally, be sure to include elements that will make it harder for visitors to navigate. This can involve cavernous rooms and obscured corridors. Last but not least, make sure your castle has lots of interactive features so that kids may enjoy playing there.

Install obstacles and decorations

Installing barriers and decorations will help your indoor kids' "naughty castle" stand out from the competition. This will make it harder for the other players to get to the sweets and increase the game's excitement.


 Here are some suggestions to get you going:

-Set up a water tower that players must scale to get to the candy.

-Build a maze with tricky curves and twists that players must navigate to reach the candy.

-Build a flight of stairs that descends into a pitch-black cavern where spiders and snakes are waiting to pounce on hapless gamers.


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Give your castle a test run

It's crucial to put your indoor playground naughty castle to the test in order to make it more competitive. This will enable you to assess the advantages and disadvantages of your design before you start the building process. You can begin implementing the features that will make your castle distinct once you have identified them.


The following four suggestions will help your indoor kids' naughty castle become more competitive:

Include a difficult obstacle course. Your castle will become more challenging to walk as you add a number of barriers, ranging in size from little steps to wide chasms. As a result, it will be more challenging for contestants to win the prize at the end.

Include hidden chambers and corridors. These can be tucked away behind gates or within makeshift fortifications. This will add an extra layer of challenge and intrigue to the game.

Make use of bright colors and interesting textures. These elements will help set your castle apart from other designs and make it more visually appealing.

Use different elevation levels to create an exciting battlefield effect. Putting one player in a higher position than others will create an intense competition for control of the castle.