Fast Christian Marriage Process:

If you need fast Christian marriage process through legal services Pakistan, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. If a spouse or husband files the petition for the dissolution of their marriage for the reason of adultery. The petitioner should identify the person who was alleged to be an adulterer as a correspondent in the petition. The petition can be considered without naming the adulterer or adulteress in the correspondent list when the petitioner is not aware of the person who committed adultery. It is possible to dissolve a Christian marriage process through legal services Pakistan if the respondent has committed adultery.


The name of the adulterer or adulteress is not known to the petitioner, despite the fact that the petitioner's efforts find it and in the case of the accused adulterer or adulteress who is dead. The wife or husband could file a petition to the District Court praying that her or his marriage should be declared invalid and void. The nullity of marriage could be determined by proving that the respondent was ineligible when they were married by Christian marriage process through legal services Pakistan or at the inception of the suit.


The term "impotency" has been interpreted by English judges in matrimonial cases as a term that refers to incapacity to complete the marriage, which is, inability to engage in sexual relations as one of the reasons for the marriage. The woman's incapacity to have sexual relations with another woman does not need to be physical and could be caused by physical or mental causes.

Legal Services in Pakistan:

Regarding the Christian marriage process through legal services Pakistan the wife was unwilling to engage in sexual relationships with her husband. Evidence also supports it when the husband was not present, and a medical examination was not possible. The decree was made to the husband. The case of Jyotsna Ram v. Subhash Ram. The wife had requested an annulment of the marriage based on the fact the husband's status was incapable and if proven correct and she was granted an order. Both husband and wife fall in the permitted range of mutual consanguinity or affinity.


If either party was insane or a fool when they got married by Christian marriage process through legal services Pakistan. In one case of mental disorder that involved a lunatic or idiot, it was ruled that the court did not consider the respondent"s mental condition at the time of filing or trial but was focused on the psychological condition of the person who was the subject during the time of marriage. According to the Pakistann Divorce Act, mere incompatibility between spouses or the likelihood of an unhappy marriage is not a valid reason to divorce or an order declaring that the marriage is null and void.


 The marriage may be declared null if one or both of the couples were insane or idiots when they were married. If a person becomes a lunatic following the ceremony of the marriage, it is not able to be declared null. Minor psychological issues can also not be grounds for declaring a marriage null and void even if they existed prior to the date of Christian marriage process through legal services Pakistan.