Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja in Ujjain There are various planets in our horoscope which are called planets in common language, the same planets are also present in the universe and move around the sun all the time, so they are always in different types of motion and position, now a In a special situation when all the planets are inside Rahu and Ketu then it is called Kaal Sarp Yog and if someone is born in this time then we can say that there is Kaal Sarp Dosh in his Kundli and all this is visible in his Kundli. Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja in Ujjain Our scholars were very curious about this problem and thought that if the person is not responsible for this kaal sarpa dosha then how can he get free from the problem, and his research was completed after a long time, and after his research They only find that Mahakala has the power to free them from this problem.