How to contact to Fiji Airways?

Customer support becomes necessary to retain the business. Also, the purpose is to serve the customer outstandingly. These customer support systems help both parties. From a business perspective, they are able to serve the customers without any issues by making an easy and understandable process. Form customer’s perspective, by solving individual's query. The same rule goes for Fiji airways to improve services and better experience, they acknowledge the need for customer services. How do I speak to someone at Fiji Airways? Follow the best-suited method for you.

Fiji Airways customer service number:

If you wish to talk with a Fiji Airways representative directly, please reach them through a specific dedicated number to solve and engage in users' problems to make their experience pleasurable. Follow the guidelines:

  • Contact Fiji Airways at the phone number.
  • After dialing the phone number, choose your preferred language.
  • Select the query to be solved asked via IVR.
  • Next, you will be connected to the official representative.

Now the doors are open to speaking with customer care. Always feel free to reach on this number from Monday to Friday, and a suitable time would be 8 am to 5 pm but FJ time.

Fiji Airways Customer service email:

You can also reach Fiji Airways at But follow the right way to get them. For that, first, give a short description related to your concern. After that, you need to wait for the staff's response.

Staff will assist you till you don't completely understand the subject matter; if needed, they will connect the higher authorities. Both are the ways suggested to speak to someone at Fiji airways.