Loan Against Property Process

Loans against property can be borrowed for the purpose of business. If you need funds for the growth of your business, you can borrow loan against property process. The process to apply for the loan is given in the following points.  

Fill out your application- To apply for the loan, you need to fill in the application form. Ensure that the details you are filling should be complete and correct.  

Verify your details- The representative should add all his personal details about yourself, residential address, verification of your property too. After they complete all this information, the lender will move your application to the next step.  

Submit required documentation- The next step is you must submit all the documents which are asked to submit by your lender. To check the list of documents you can check online from your lender's website. You can visit our website of financeseva.  

Verify your documents- Whenever you submit your documents the lender will verify your documents. The verification may include employment status, status of income, credit score, and other records of your profile. During the process, the lender may also call you for a meeting.  

Approval of Loan Against Property- After the successful submission of your application and documents for the loan against property. Upload your sign. As you agree on the terms and conditions of your lender. Then, the lender will give you the final approval and they will sanction your loan  

Disbursal – At the decisive step, your loan amount will be disbursal to you.