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Top o the mornin to ya! Want to experience a traditional Celtic pub without having to leave good ole Albuquerque? Come on down to the Quarter Celtic Brewpub! Quarter Celtic is the one and only Albuquerque brewery that is owned by decorated partners with a combined 9 decades of bar experience. Want to enjoy traditional Celtic food with a pint of the black stuff? Our award-winning Irish draft beer selection makes us among the best breweries in Albuquerque. With Celtic dishes like our Shepherd’s Pie or Bangers and Mash, we have the best bar food Albuquerque has to offer! Need to make a quick pit stop? We have growlers available for your beer on the go. So come on down to Quarter Celtic and talk a load of blarney with us!

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Our local brewery does not have your typical bar food. We provide quality entrees and appetizers. This is unline many of our local competitor breweries. We take pride in providing authentic Scottish cuisines, authentic Irish cuisines and cuisines with a New Mexican flair. In addition to our ability to pair your food with the proper seasonal beer.

Best Breweries in Albuquerque

We know what you’re thinking; ”Finding a great brewery with food near me to spend quality time with my family is a headache. How can I make the right decision with so many Irish breweries near me?” Quarter Celtic is one of the Albuquerque breweries with the most traditional Celtic-style food and drinks in New Mexico. With our multiple national and international awards for our different types of draft beer, we are confident we are a part of the top 1% of best breweries in Albuquerque. The best bar food Albuquerque has to offer is only a short drive away too! We have conventional Celtic dishes like our Shepherd's Pie or our Bangers and Mash. So if there’s ever been a doubt about where to spend your hard-earned time, visit us at Quarter Celtic.

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Finding a great brewery with food near me to spend quality time with family is a headache. There are so many options to choose from, so you should know why Quarter Celtic is different from the rest. We have a long tradition of delivering a great bar experience. Our owner Brady McKeown, Albuquerque’s most decorated brewer, with his five partners, teamed up to form the best brewery Albuquerque has ever seen. These men have refined what it means to deliver an Irish pub experience with over 9 decades of bar ownership experience under their belt. Don’t let us tell you; come on over to Quarter Celtic so we can show you!

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“How can I make the right decision with so many Irish breweries near me?” In Albuquerque, Irish pubs are a dime a dozen. The more time passes, the more breweries seem to open up stating that they’re the best! Here at Quarter Celtic, we don’t self-proclaim a thing. We let our multiple national and international awards do the talking for us (we win an average of two to three brewery awards every year, but who’s counting?). So if you wanted to experience why everyone is talking about Quarter Celtic, stop by our brewpub!

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The residents of Albuquerque love having a good time! Celebrating big moments comes with the territory here. So if a celebration is in order, Quarter Celtic, one of the great Albuquerque breweries, would love to host you and your close friends at our taproom or brewpub! With our famous Celtic hospitality, we would meet you and your group with open arms. At Quarter Celtic we’ll make sure you and your group are comfortable, well fed, and well taken care of. Enjoy the great atmosphere of celebration with us!

Best Bar Food Albuquerque

Bar food is relatively straightforward. Either it’s great or it’s awful, plain and simple. At Quarter Celtic, we take care when we prepare our food so we can make sure we’re on the right side of that argument. Since we are a conventional Irish pub, we have your Celtic classics like Corned Beef, Sausage, and Cabbage, as well as the ever-famous Fish and Chips. Not feeling our Irish style? Our Off the Grill Between the Bun section has favorites such as the Shrimp Po Boy and our Brewer's Beef Sandwich. At Quarter Celtic, we’ve made sure you can match a great drink with a great meal so good you’ll want seconds.