With so many Islamic books in Urdu being published every 12 months, it is hard to choose realistic and clean ones from the ratings available in stores. For a book lover like me, the most vital part of reading is deciding on the Islamic books in Urdu I review in order to get something that is informative, beautifully written, and not repetitive. therefore, I am constantly doing more research on the latest books before buying a book. here is a small compilation of the most famous Islamic books that are exciting to read these days!

"There is No God but Allah: The Origins, Evolution, and Destiny of Islam", by Reza Aslan

This book is one of the best-researched Islamic books in Urdu I have ever read. Written by Aslan, it describes part of the Arab world before Islam, right down to the lifestyle and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It also gives insight into the spread of Islam in the Japanese world and Sufi methods of study. Although this is a down-to-earth book, it is written in an exciting and easy-to-understand way.

"The Call of the Anointed" by Sheikh Tosun Bayrak

Each of the brilliant books of Islam offers the ultimate view of the ninety-nine names of Allah, their meaning and significance. For Muslim readers this book is an incredible recommendation to see the seven attributes of Allah, non-Muslim readers can also benefit a lot from reading this e-book in terms of knowing the supreme and divine attributes of Allah. another first-class feature of this book is that the author explains how to use these special names to influence people's souls.

"What is Sufism?" By: Martin Lings

Among the countless Islamic books in Urdu, this work by Martin Lings tends to stand out and shine. An expert on Islamic culture, Martin Lings' work is thoroughly researched and introduces the reader to the Sufi sector from a beginner's level. He answers the reader's questions about what the Sufis believe and what they preach. One of the most accurate Islamic books ever written on this subject to engage the reader and at the same time satisfy Sufism!

After reviewing Islamic books in Urdu for over a decade, I have now clearly understood that not all authors are up to the challenge and that it is essential to study these books with an open mind in order to grasp the authors' basic point of view. The Islamic books that make it to the bestseller lists of famous e-books are usually the ones that are really worth reviewing, but once in a while, you can also find a treasure buried among the piles of neglected books lying around!