Longer shelf life and zero waste are not the only benefits of using airless bottles for packaging. Ease of use is another benefit of using this bottle. When pressing the pump to receive the contents of the bottle, the consumer can keep the bottle in any position (vertical / horizontal) according to his / her preference. Airless pump bottles also allow cosmetic manufacturers to use less or no chemical preservatives. Therefore, the quality of cosmetics is improved, and the risk of skin problems due to reaction with chemical preservatives is also reduced.


Airless pump bottles do not contain dip tubes (used for traditional dispensing pumps). These tubes should be cut to the correct length to fit inside the bottle. This process requires additional effort and manpower, which is a time-consuming process. Thanks to the invention of the gas-free cylinder, the immersion tube is no longer needed.


The stylish appearance is another advantage of using airless cylinders for packaging. These bottles have two walls. The outer wall serves as an additional protective layer for the contents of the bottle. It can even be used for advertising while improving the durability of the bottle.



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