Blockpost is the newest first-person shooter game that is free to play and can be played on both mobile devices and computers. This game is a great example of how well the first-person shooter (FPS) genre and cubic 3D graphics can work together. You will get into intense firefights online with people from all over the world. Choose your weapon and then join the match.

You'll never get bored with Blockpost because it has over twenty different maps and seven different game modes. Also, blockpost gives you the chance to upgrade and unlock more than a hundred different types of guns. The more you play, the faster you gain levels and get access to new weapons and items. Having your friends play this game with you is a great way to improve your chances of winning.

How Blockpost works and how points are scored

On every level of Blockpost, you can see cubes. Teams will compete against each other at each table (can be 2 or more teams). Put an end to the enemy's life by killing them with your knife or gun. There will also be hidden chests all over the battlefield. To add to your arsenal, you just have to find and open these chests. How the total points are divided among the winners will depend on how each round goes. The number of points you get will be based on how high or low you ranked. If you have a higher rank, you will get more points. If you have a lower rank, you will get less points. But there's no need to worry because your level of experience will keep going up after each bloody battle.

The main focus of the game will be the first-person shooter part, and you will be able to use both guns and knives as weapons. The action in the game moves pretty quickly, so you'll need to stay focused the whole time.