The front and unusual paper feeds of one of the Canon Pixma Tr4527 Wireless printer's most popular versions set it apart. For ease of removal when a tank runs empty, there are 5 separate tanks for each hue. It simply only one click to print, and it can be quickly linked to wifi and network devices. Additionally, it has Bluetooth connectivity and cloud connectivity options. If you're unclear how to set up a Canon Pixma TR4527, this useful instruction can help. Take a peek!

Features of the Canon Pixma TR4527

Canon Pixma is a well-liked alternative for use at home and at the business since it has so many incredible features. Before getting to the Canon Pixma Tr4527 Setup instructions, let's take a closer look at the printer's most praised features:

1: Support for Use in a Home Office

If you're looking for a device that can handle both your home and business printing needs, the Canon TR4527 printer could be your best choice. A multifunction printer, it has essential features including print, copy, scan, and fax. The Matte-Black printer features a beautiful appearance with rounded corners.

2: Connectivity Continuity

There are easy ways to connect to the printer. For establishing connections with computers and networks, it offers USB and WiFi connectors, respectively. By downloading the Canon Pinter app, you may also print and scan from your mobile device. You may also view your files directly from social media and other image storage services thanks to Pixma Cloud Link, which is supported.

  1. Extremely Fast Printing

The TR4527 can finish each print while printing images in an average of 37 seconds. Furthermore, it prints Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents on average at 4.7ppm. Furthermore, the TR4527 prints the text-only (Word) component at an average speed of 13.4 pages per minute (ppm).

4: Creates Stunningly High-Quality Results

Prints from the Canon Pixma TR4527 are of the best calibre because to its excellent text, fantastic graphics, and exceptional picture quality. Among the six distinct ink tanks are black inks with dye and pigment bases. For colourful printing, it also offers the hues cyan, blue, magenta, and yellow. Printing for your house and place of business is only one of the many uses for it.

How Do I Install Windows On A Canon Pixma TR4527?

To install Windows on your Canon Pixma TR4527, adhere to the steps listed below:

  • Before downloading any software or printer drivers, make sure your Windows OS is up to date first.
  • Next, use a USB cable to temporarily connect your Canon printer to Windows.
  • Get the.exe file by visiting the official Canon website.
  • Now launch the downloaded.exe file to begin the programme installation.
  • Follow the wizard's on-screen instructions to complete the installation procedure.
  • You will be prompted by the installation process to choose the connecting option. Unplug the USB cord from the printer and choose the wireless option when prompted.
  • Select your network name, launch the Wireless Setup wizard, and then enter your wireless password.
  • Go to Control Panel on your Windows machine.
  • Go to the Devices & Printers menu on your Windows device and add your Canon TR4527 printer there.
  • Select the name of your printer from the list, then add it to the Windows device to complete the procedure.

How Do I Setup Mac OS On My Canon Pixma TR4527?

Follow the guidelines below carefully to set up your Canon Pixma printer on Mac OS:

  • First, a temporary USB cable connection from the MAC device to the Canon TR4527 printer is required.
  • Next, download the software and drivers for your Canon TR4527 printer that is compatible with MAC.
  • After that, launch the software installation.dmg file.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions very attentively to start the installation procedure.
  • Choose a Wireless connection when offered throughout the installation process to choose a connection method.
  • After you're done, unplug the USB cable from the printer to your Mac.
  • To proceed with the Wireless Setup Wizard, enter the WiFi network details. There will be a wifi connection that is encrypted.
  • Now on your Mac, click the Apple icon to open the Systems & Preferences menu and choose Devices.
  • From the list of wireless devices that appears on the screen, select the name of your Canon Pixma TR4527 printer.
  • You can manually add the name of your printer if it is not already in the list. If you are unable to manually add your printer, kindly let us know and we will help you straight away.


Last Words

This article includes comprehensive setup instructions for the Canon Printer TR4527 on both Windows and Mac OS. It also highlights the features that make it so well-liked by consumers throughout the globe. If you need assistance setting up the printer, contact us, and one of our experts will take care of the issue.

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