Marriage is a sacred part of Muslim existence, and the importance of marriage in Islam is highly emphasized. A happy married life according to Islamic teachings can be made even less complicated by the various Islamic books in Urdu that are available on many topics related to marriage and matrimony. These Islamic books in Urdu are useful for married men and women and enable them to live happily and fulfilled life with their spouses.

The most common Islamic books on marriage for Muslims are:

Muslim Marriage Guide: This book is an A-to-Z guide for Muslims on all matters related to marriage. Waris Maqsood, the author of Ruqaiyyah, discusses the social, emotional, and private factors that affect a couple in a marriage relationship, with a chapter on marriage and the wives of the Prophet (PBUH). Discussing these issues in the light of the Qur'an and Hadith, the book is one of the most comprehensive Islamic books in Urdu on marriage.

The Rights of Men and Women in Marriage: Well-known author Maulana Mujahidul Islam Qasmi wrote this e-book to discuss issues affecting young Muslim women and men of marriageable age. This book is one of the most popular Islamic books in Urdu on marriage issues for the younger generation, covering topics such as marriage choices for women and men regardless of parental consent, issues related to child marriage, and the rights of the child after the age of majority.

The Basics of Islamic Marriage: The author is Muhammad Rifat Osman, a well-known author of many respected Islamic books in Urdu and an expert on Sharia law. This e-book explains the important elements of a happy married life, from proposing marriage to choosing a suitable Muslim spouse, and details the rights of husband and wife in marriage.

Islamic Marriage: This book, written by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanawi, covers all aspects of a healthy marriage as well as family life from adolescence to child-rearing.

Another series of Islamic books in Urdu that can be very useful and helpful for the Muslim couple is "To Win the Heart of the Husband" and "To Win the Heart of the Wife" by Ibrahim ibn Saaleh al-Mahmud. These books are very fascinating to study and contain references to the Qur'an so that you can live a happy married life; therefore, it is very important to study these topics to enable you to have a fulfilling and happy life with your husband.