Moviescounter is one of the illegal sites which uploads the latest movies and series. Mostly the onlookers want to watch movies and series free of cost on Moviescounter. If you are one of them, they can choose the legal option sites instead of this site. This article is suggested to educate you. Watching a movie through an illegal site not only impedes the film industry in the form of economic loss but also destroys your moment of watching the movies in the theatre and having a bucket of popcorn. Appreciate your movie through legal sites or in theatre.

Best Illegal Alternatives

Movies counter latest might be outstanding pirated sites among the user, but piracy is illegal in India. Due to the Government’s ban, it has to alter its URL frequently. Because when one URL is prohibited then they have to create or generate another one. Due to frequent differences in URLs, the audience gets confused and uncomfortable and opts to search for its alternatives. There are many legal options where you can view movies and show regularly without any kind of pause. Here are the lists of some illegal alternatives.

1. Bolly4u

If in any case, you are not able to access the movies counter, then you can always use this site as an alternative. Bolly4u is an analogous site to the sites of illegal downloads or movie streaming. This website acts as a search motor from where you can get many links for downloading or surging your favorite movies. You just need to follow the basic strides of searching for the movie which you want to see and after that, the site will give you links according to your search. No movies, series, or documentaries are uploaded to this site nor it carries in the database. It will only help you to get links to visit numerous sites. By visiting those websites through links you can effortlessly download or stream the movie which you desired to watch. These websites do offer you dubbed web series, movies and etc.

2. Moviesverse

This site acts as one of the best alternatives and is known for its max resemblance with Movies counter. If you are a movie lover and love to watch every kind of movie-like action, thriller, game, sports, horror, romance, love, etc., then Moviesverse can be the best one to check out. This site will give you huge movies in various languages. There are no such lengthy steps to find your desired movie not you have to search more deeply. You can easily get into the category item and surf according to your need. This website is just a copy of Moviescounter latest. You can even download and stream your favorite movies. You can avail of all the movies, and web series free of cost, in high quality, and the website doesn’t ask for any kind of enrollment. A brief paragraph is fastened to every movie from which you can have an idea of movies or events so that you don’t have to worry yourself by searching it in Google for getting an idea.

3. 7starflix

7starflix is one of the most outstanding sites for streaming and downloading a film. It has gained vogue by streaming live sports such as football and cricket for free of expense. These streaming websites provide the accessible content of all start channels such as star Jalsha, star gold, star plus, etc. 7starflix. Some other movies and web series are flowed and can be downloaded in high quality and the video quality can be modified by the viewers as per their choice. This site hosts Hollywood movies and is a hub of Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, and Tamil movies. However, for availing of this service, you will have to go through a 2-tier subscription. Those who have benefited from the VIP subscription can watch all the domestic subjects for free, and those who have availed of the premium subscription can stream and download all the domestic and international content for free of cost. However, this can be one of the best illegal alternatives for 7starflix.

4. Yupp TV

This site is listed as one of the best alternatives for Movies Counter 2022. This website will be the best option for those who adore streaming and downloading web series. The listed contents are available in the best personality at no cost. Yupp TV neither asks their viewer to register themselves nor ask for your private details such as details of credit cards and debit cards. This site is very vastly legal and the users can watch and can do anything without any sort of constraints or technical issues. This website is renowned for its user-friendly and allows everyone to enter the website and search according to their own wish. This site also allows the viewers to surge or download the movies for celebrating the movies later.

5. Sun XT

This is another best alternative website for Movies counter. It is assured that you can certainly get all your favorite movies and web series on this website. You can stream and download each and every topic listed on this site in high quality and all are free of cost. You can even download all movies and web series on any kind of electronic appliance such as PCs, laptops, and mobile. You download all the movies in just the same way. The substantial advantage of downloading movies from Sun XT is that you can even watch your movies on the disc ray and DVD player without even shifting the format of the video. Along with all the incredible captions, you can assure that this site is one of the best legal websites from raining and downloading and bringing billions of traffic every year. You find pictures for any kind of age group easily.