These leggings are perfect for the gym and can also be worn on a casual day out. And as a bonus, they're affordable enough that most people can afford them.

These Gymshark vital seamless workout leggs are breathable and sweat-wicking. The mesh-like fabric is soft and pliable. They also feature a ribbed waistband for added comfort.

green sweatpants

If you're looking for a new pair of Gymshark black leggings but don't have the budget to spend a lot of money on new ones, there are several cheaper alternatives available. The brands Jed North and GymShark produce very similar styles, and you can purchase them on Amazon with free Prime shipping. Another brand is ColorfulKoala, which makes leggings with flattering curves and hidden waistband pockets. These leggings are also very comfortable, and come in a wide variety of colors.