Since pesticides and fertilizers are put into Knapsack Power Sprayer and sprayed, the correct usage is required. Carefully read how to handle the medicines you use and follow the dosage and usage. Care must be taken when spraying too much or using the wrong drug as it may cause phytotoxicity.

Before use, wear protective equipment to ensure the safety of workers. Hats, protective glasses, protective masks, protective gloves, earplugs, protective clothing, work shoes, etc. Control masks are sold as masks. It's a little stuffy compared to regular masks, but it's safe because it reduces the risk of pesticides getting into your mouth even if they bounce off. You may also be relieved to wear protective goggles, as pesticides can get in your eyes.

When spraying, work from upwind to leeward, and it is best to work in the morning and evening when the temperature does not rise. After work, wash your clothes and whole body thoroughly and gargle. To avoid damaging the health of the drug, spray it near the crop and avoid windy days.

Also, be aware of the environment around you using the atomizer. Make sure there are no people or animals and cover it to keep it out of the aquarium. Even when using it indoors, turn off the air conditioner, heater, and ventilation fan to prevent the chemicals from flowing to other places. Move or train those who want to avoid getting the drug, and wash all the drug-treated food.

Also, atomizers are often used only in certain seasons. Therefore, when you are done using it, perform maintenance to prepare for the next season. Rinse the chemicals in the tank and drain the water in the pump and hose to prevent freezing. If you do not use the engine for a long period of time, it is safe to drain the fuel from the engine and clean it if there is dust.

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