Seerat-un-Nabi (SAW) refers to the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Knowledge of this topic is an essential and indispensable part of the Muslim faith, which is why many Islamic scholars have written books on the subject. These books are available in different languages around the world, but most of them are published in English or Arabic. In addition, a large number of books on the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are also written in Urdu. The commonly available Islamic books in Urdu have been written by famous scholars like Mufti Taqi Usmani, Allama Shibhli Noumani, Allama Abdul Mustafa Aazmi and Mulla Safi ur Rehman.

Full of Information

Seerat un Nabi is a topic on which there are oceans of information and which covers the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) including the period from his birth to his death. It unfolds the period during which the religion of Islam spread on the basis of the Prophet's temperament and exemplary behaviour. A large number of these Islamic books also describe the various relationships of Muhammad (SAW) with his companions, followers and relatives, thus helping the followers of Islam to live up to them.

Incidents in life the of Holy Prophet (SAW) in Islamic books in Urdu

Islamic books in Urdu about the Prophet also have another common topic of discussion. They recount incidents and events from the Prophet's life divided into two parts: his life in Mecca and his life in Medina after he left his hometown. The migration of Muhammad (SAW) and his companions was an extremely important part of his life and was also an important landmark in the spread of Islam.

Islamic books in Urdu have vast knowledge about Islam

The battles that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions fought against the unbelievers are important in the Islamic books In urdu of serat un Nabi because they also symbolize the changes and advances in the spread of the religion. In addition, information about these battles helps modern Muslims understand the adversity, hardship and suffering faced by the Holy Prophet (SAW) and his family, friends and followers.

Important both for Muslims and Non-Muslims

These Islamic books In Urdu not only provide Muslims with the opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with the entire life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), but can also be a treasure trove of information for non-Muslims who wish to expand their knowledge of the lighthouse. Islam. These books also help many to learn and follow in his footsteps to become pious and better Muslims.

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