RCT or root canal treatment is one of the most popular procedures for treating tooth decay. If you are thinking to take this treatment, it can get you a bit anxious before the procedure. However, as you gain knowledge about the procedure and consult the right dentist root canal specialist Coaldale you will feel pretty confident about RCT. There are certain facts and lesser-known treatment knowledge that you should know about RCT. We have listed a few facts that might change the way you think about root canal treatment.

Antibiotics might be ineffective against tooth decay bacteria

If you are thinking to take antibiotics to fight bacterial infections, you should consult your doctor. This is because antibiotics might not be able to reach the point where infection-causing bacteria are located. This is a place where antibiotics might not be able to reach. So, if you are trying to decrease the infection, you should always discuss the best treatment method with your dentist.

The root canal is not a painful treatment

Most patients have this misconception that RCT might increase pain. But the truth is that RCT is done to relieve you from the pain that is caused by the infection inside your tooth. The procedure is conducted after numbing the affected area. So, a patient doesn’t feel any pain.

Eat well before RCT

After taking the root canal treatment, you will not be eating a proper meal for almost a week. So, it is better to come prepared before getting the root canal treatment done. Your body needs the essential nutrients to recover after the treatment.

You might feel sore after treatment

After you are done with the treatment, you might feel sore for a few days. But you will be prescribed proper medication for soreness and pain after the treatment. You can contact an oral surgery tooth extraction Coaldale specialist to know the details of the procedure.

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