You are going on vacation and you have decided that you don't want to take your best friend. You decide to leave him at a dog boarding kennel in Portland. When you call around you find out you need to get your dog shots. Why do you need to get your dog shots? It's for their protection, since they are going to be around lots of other dogs. There are typically three shots that a kennel or boarding facility requires, which are bordetella, DHLPP, and Rabies.

The Bordetella vaccination protects your dog from kennel cough. This vaccination can be provided in two forms it is either given by an injection or it can be boulder dog boarding given by squirting the vaccine in the nose of the dog. Bordetella is an airborne disease. In general, even if you not taking your dog to a kennel it is advisable to vaccinate your dog from kennel cough if he or she is often around other dogs.

The DHLPP vaccine is a combination of many vaccines. This vaccination is given by an injection to your dog. The D stands for canine distemper, H stands for infectious hepatitis, L stands for leptospirosis, P stands for Para influenza virus, and the Second P stand for parvovirus. Sometimes the vaccine also comes with a vaccine for the corona virus. Distemper is a highly fatal virus and is highly contagious. This is why it is so important to vaccinate your dog from this virus. Hepatitis is also a virus that will attack the organs of your dog, and once a dog contracts hepatitis there is no treatment. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection and can also affect humans. The disease is best prevented by a vaccine, but if you dog catches the disease it can be treated with antibiotics. The Para influenza virus is the dog flu and can be mistaken as kennel cough. The Para influenza virus is also highly contagious. Parvoviurs is another highly contagious disease that causes vomiting and diarrhea. Dogs can usually be treated by replacing the fluid that the dogs are losing with the help of a veterinarian.

Rabies is also a virus, which is very deadly. Normally, neither humans nor dogs survive the disease. When you vaccinate your dog from rabies your not just protecting him, but you are protecting other dogs and people in case your dog would ever come into contact with a rabid animal.

So before you go on vacation and drop your dogs off at dog boarding kennel in Portland make sure they have all their vaccinations. This will ensure your dog will have a safe time at the dog kennel or boarding kennel in Portland. If a kennel does not require shots, you should walk away. If you take your dog to a kennel like this you could end up with a potentially fatal disease. Have a great vacation and make sure to board your dog or leave him at a doggy day care in Portland or kennel that requires shots.

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