When purchasing an electric arc cig lighter, in addition to seeing whether its design is exquisite and unique, an electric arc cig lighter exporter tells us that we should pay attention to three aspects.

1. Good hand feels

High-quality electric arc cig lighter will pay great attention to the science of adult men's or women's hands when designing and manufacturing, so that it fits the length of the second section of the fingers, making it more comfortable to hold.

2. The sound is bright 

A beautiful electric arc cig lighter has a pleasant sound when it is turned on. Crisp is the quality of the lighter, and many lighter enthusiasts are fascinated by the unique bright sound when it is turned on.

3. Good touch feeling

When you purchase an electric arc cig lighter, touch the lighter wheel with your hand, and the lighter wheel has a moderate degree of tightness, which will naturally make you feel relaxed and comfortable when you light it, which is extremely smooth.

In addition to the above three aspects, the use of an electric arc cig lighter should also be considered when purchasing an electric arc cig lighter. In addition to the electric arc cig lighter used for cigarette lighting, there are also many special lighters, such as those specially designed to light pipes, cigars, and candles. Of course, gas stoves can also be lit, and there are even electric lighters with more functions.

Dual arc electric lighter with rechargeable battery space gray

The above is the selection specification of electric arc cig lighters, as a professional electric arc cig lighter exporter, Fukkuda designs and manufactures high-quality electric arc cig lighter. Welcome to contact us.