Foundation is one of the most important parts of construction. A foundation needs to have functional properties like durability and support framework to be sufficient for being used in construction. The concrete foundation is generally constructed for preventing water from the ground, preventing moisture damage to the home, and supporting the overall structure. Lethbridge foundation is provided by a lot of companies these days. But choosing the right construction is always better to ensure that the foundation plays its role without compromising on safety.

Here we will look at some of the most common foundations in Lethbridge:

Poured concrete

In residential buildings, poured concrete is the most common type of foundation. As the name suggests, this type of foundation is made up of concrete. It uses a level concrete floor that is a few inches deep along with levelled parallel beams. A bed of gravel is placed in the beginning to facilitate the foundation and the drainage system. Pouring concrete is a simple and straightforward process that doesn’t require too much management. Concrete foundation Lethbridge can be customized to add steel reinforcement to strengthen the slab system.

Frost-resistant concrete foundation

This type of foundation is suitable for colder regions that experience frequent winter freezes. It is also commonly named as frost-resistant shallow foundation. In this type of foundation, a common slab system is used to minimize damages due to colder temperatures. These foundations are popular in cold countries like Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Permanent wood foundation

This foundation became highly popular in the 60s. It’s because the needed technology to develop wood foundation was developed during this time. This type of foundation can be customized to resist moisture and prevent winter damage. But due to the lack of high-strength foundation material, it is an inferior option to concrete.

Raised foundation

Raised foundations are specifically designed to resist moisture and prevent water damage in coastal areas. In this type of foundation, the whole system rests on deep piers that are anchored to the soil.

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