I live in a residential building. We have a public room. We have to cross this corridor to reach the door of our apartment. My neighbor is very paranoid. They installed Belkins NetCam on it and laughed at all the rumors that came and went. I need to use cell phone jammers to help stop them.

You know, sometimes the neighbors are really bad, and we get a lot of complaints! They deliberately spy, watch TV is too loud and steal internet traffic. But you should know that there are solutions to your hearing problems!

We also recently reviewed some Belkin products. Belkin NetCam is a Wi-Fi network camera that can stream video to a PC, tablet or smartphone. It is fully compatible with iOS 4.2 and above and Android 2.2 and above. Therefore, you can use it to receive streaming videos at 30 FPS almost anywhere. It should be mentioned that the camera has a night vision system. It consists of 8 infrared LEDs whose light is invisible to the naked eye. The camera can operate in low or no light conditions.

3G 4G 5G Blocker

But as I said, it's a countermeasure. Dojammer offers you suitable defense solutions. The only weakness of the camera is the data transmission channel, namely Wi-Fi, which uses a frequency of 2.4 GHz. You can simply block this frequency so that your smartphone, PC or even tablet never receives the signal. Therefore, with a simple wifi signal jammer, you can create an interference field and force Belkin NetCam to lose its connection for a while.

Given China's global leadership in the export of drones and military unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), China should also develop a series of anti-drone features to help prevent unauthorized or hostile robots from fly over a sensitive or vulnerable location. Take the example of Wuhan. WiFi jammers - they're called not only because they "shoot" but also because they look like an assault rifle - cost around $19,000 and are said to be able to interfere with people a mile away . (however, this number assumes that the user has an extraordinary goal.