As we navigate our careers, we all have different memories from the different organizations in our history. A common memory might be the onboarding experience. Do you remember how your induction or onboarding process in each of those organizations was? These first impression experiences define our relationship with the company. As HR teams strive to improve employee retention, what can be done to enhance the employee onboarding process?

As HR teams increasingly leverage digital tools to address challenges in our tech-savvy world, our team at Squadsy has been helping growing companies with their automated employee onboarding process. Squadsy is an onboarding platform that can help your team create engaging and efficient experience for employees and other stakeholders involved.

Our engagement driven approach to onboarding focuses on managing the process holistically looking at the process end to end. We focus on automating the paperwork and other tasks while also creating delightful and memorable experiences for employees.

Squadsy allows your human resource team to focus on creating personalizing and engaging employees. Handle the entire employee lifecycle from preboarding, onboarding to offboarding processes

Apart from offering you an engaging new hire onboarding experience, it also helps the HR team gain crucial insights into the onboarding operations as well as historical trend data insights. With both leading and lagging indicators, the HR team can check the pulse of the employees as they start day 1 and also check engagement levels after year 1. If you are looking forward to getting insights on engagement or ROI of onboarding, Simply get in touch with the customer support team or request a free demo through the website. At Squadsy, our goal is to help companies create employee ambassadors via an amazing onboarding journey.

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