Обзор мощного файлового менеджера Commander One для Mac OS X

Record directors have forever been on a difficult situation because of the overall client being OK with the inbuilt variation. Notwithstanding, assuming you at any point required more control and access, outsider record administrators were essential to utilize, and subsequently, they were important. From that point forward, we have progressed significantly, and with an all-new period of force clients, document supervisors needed to overhaul themselves so they could stay aware of the necessities, and with all that included, they have turned into a great decision for all power clients available.

For normal clients, the possibility of an alternate application to oversee documents probably appears to be an unnecessary idea. Locater is free, heated straightforwardly into macOS, and does essentially all that one could require. In any case, record director applications are not, right now, just worked for power clients, and whenever you have tasted the natural product, you would never return, and thus, we have welcomed you the best Finder elective on the web.

Commander One adaptation

With its eccentric name, Commander One sounds like a fantastic document chief that comes furnished with a double window connect with help for various tabs looks basically the same as its ancestor. The primary thing Bir Sur clients will see, indeed, you heard right, Big Sur is upheld. The application currently upholds "macFUSE 4", and accompanies a refreshed Dark Mode and better security out of the crate. This makes the application a banger and ideal for another option.

Commander One - file manager on the Mac App Store

Commander One is full and stacked with the principal features for unimaginable Mac execution and record the board. Whether you are a power client or just finding your methodology for transforming into an expert and totally controlling your gadgets, Commander One is your no matter how you look at it most ideal choice. The record supervisor gives a ton of elements, and these are:

Show stowed away records

Commander One comes furnished with a helpful toolbar showing all imperceptible or secret documents on an envelope or drive. This assists you with finding any information that pigs up the extra room, and I used to tidy up my drive by erasing any pointless records present.

Text styles and Colors

The fundamental component and something we much appreciate, the document administrator permits the choice to change the subject, complement tone, and textual styles for every one of the hobbyists searching for the bling.

History and Favorites

The set of experiences and top choices include had an effect by tweaking the inclination and getting to most-utilized documents or envelopes at an impulse. I likewise added a few decisions, including direct admittance to the media drive, making it simple for me to get to every one of the records, remembering those for the cloud.

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Adjustable Hotkeys

The capability will turn out perfect for power clients as it accomplished for us. The hotkeys usefulness is phenomenal for saving time and completely finishing a solitary snap. We utilized the most fundamental of hotkeys, for example, one for duplicate gluing and straightforwardly getting to music.

Limitless tabs

Limitless tabs and boards are a brilliant choice for clients hoping to get to various areas all the while, and the element works perfectly. In any case, it has blemishes with RAM the board issues, which thwarted us when we got up to ten tabs.

Document tasks line

Tasks like duplicating records over or erasing various bunches at a solitary snap could be made into a line for better execution all through the application, which further develops client experience and norms.

Commander One Ver 3 – An Enhanced File Manager | TheSweetBits

ZIP Support

The compress support was a magnificent expansion and took into consideration better pressure and extraction for all compresses and packed records. We saw that zips worked flawlessly with our testing, yet organizations, for example, RAR were something that it required investment with.

Root Access

The root access support is perhaps of the best component on the off chance that you know how to utilize it. Pull access is basic for any designers and makers that work on coding or programming various projects. The root access is likewise utilized for testing beta or impending programming for a superior encounter for the standard clients.

The above highlights were only a compressed lesson on the record director, and the principal includes that we believed were awesome and most horrendously terrible follow underneath.

The best and absolutely awful

How about we get the most awful out first, as the need might have arisen for the entire everyday undertakings and is something currently accessible with your inbuilt record supervisor. I'm discussing the FTP convention and the capacity to mount MTP and Android gadgets or the scarcity in that department. These elements are a given to have yet are excluded from the free variant of One Commander and expect you to purchase the expert form.

Locater upholds both MTP and FTP conventions, making it a phenomenal worth, however One Commander includes some significant pitfalls for the necessities. We have numerous gadgets to test all parts of the product, and the free form didn't allow us to utilize any MTP gadget to move photographs or different documents. Consequently, purchasing the genius permit key turned into our main arrangement. This isn't something we energize, and we might want to see the minimum essentials remembered for the free adaptation for future updates.

So, the need to purchase a master pack for utilizing the vital elements is one of the most terrible parts of the whole experience and ought to be eliminated. The additional highlights that the expert variant don't appear to be an astonishing worth.

By and large, the worth it gives is disappointing, and the things we could have done without were:

The need of getting the star rendition just to utilize fundamental elements like MTP and FTP conventions

The costly expense of the permit coming at $30 for a solitary Mac

An inbuilt document chief, for example, Finder improves at giving "master" highlights for nothing

Presently, let us investigate the best element of the whole experience. Leave me alone forward and say that financial plan searcher or shoppers with a normal need don't need this document supervisor, and it offers no benefit for them. Notwithstanding, in the event that you're somebody who values getting to distributed storage on the double or a superior web search tool for all documents on your gadget, it makes sense for getting it.

We thought the best element was the immediate association with the cloud, the interaction chief, and the coordinated terminal. These three joined made my inward nerd launch to the moon happily.


Albeit without the straightforward entry of the implicit Finder application, Commander One invites new highlights and enhancements in regards to execution and performing various tasks that make it worth dishing out for, however provided that you're searching for the "Master" overhaul. Be that as it may, assuming you're a customary client with no requirement for additional entrance and highlights, then the default record director would serve you without any issues.

With this, we end the blog and trust that the survey could have helped search for something that could altogether switch around your space and view on document supervisors. We might want to hear from you in the remark segment beneath about the experience of utilizing the record pilgrim and how it fared in your day to day routine.