Spark plugs have been in use for nearly a century, but many people are still hesitant to have them serviced. The four taboo reasons for not servicing spark plugs are:

You had no idea

It is costly

You believe you can handle it yourself

You don't think it's required Spark plugs are one of the most commonly replaced automobile parts, therefore keeping them in good operating order is critical. In this post, we will explore the benefits of properly servicing your spark plugs and refute four fallacies about them.


Spark plugs are maintenance free

Spark plugs are an engine component that can last up to 125,000 miles without needing to be replaced. This is because Auto Spark Plug employ a ceramic insulator that does not wear out.


Spark plugs are simple to replace.


Spark plugs are one of the simplest engine components to replace. They can be removed without removing the entire engine. Simply unscrew the four bolts that secure the spark plug and replace it with a new one.



Spark plugs should not be replaced often

Spark plugs should not be changed frequently because this can reduce fuel economy. A spark plug has an average lifespan of 100,000 miles.

Only replace spark plugs if they are worn or the engine begins to misfire. Spark plugs must be replaced when the metal against which they strike the air becomes too harsh or inconsistent.

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Spark plugs should not be changed while the car is in use

Spark plugs are one of the most critical components of a car's engine. They transform the fuel from the gasoline or diesel into sparks that turn the pistons of the engine.


The majority of people believe that spark plugs should not be changed while the vehicle is in motion. This is due to the fact that it can create engine troubles. If you change your spark plugs while your car is running, you risk causing engine damage.

Instead, change your spark plugs when you park your automobile. This manner, you can be certain that your engine is in good working order. You can also change your spark plugs when they need to be replaced if they are in good condition.



Spark plugs are a safety hazard

Spark plugs are a popular automotive component, but they can pose a safety risk. Spark plugs can easily fail and start a fire.


It is critical to inspect the condition of your motorcycle spark plugs on a regular basis. You may need to replace them if they are not operating properly. However, many people are hesitant to do so because it is considered taboo. This is a mistake, because spark plugs pose a significant safety risk.


A fire can start if your spark plugs aren't working properly. This is especially risky if the vehicle is moving. A spark plug fire can swiftly spread and pose a serious safety risk.