Regional databases frequently transmit data back in a timely manner to central D2R Items which means that Blizzard has a single record (with backups) of your thicc Level 88 Barbarians, Necromancers , and so on. This sounds great and great until the central database is overloaded and the whole system, as well as the people who design it, needs a nap.

"On the morning of Saturday, Pacific hour, our servers experienced an outage across the globe due to a sudden, significant surge in traffic. This was a new level that our servers had not previously experienced in the beginning, and certainly not at the time of launch," Blizzard explained.

This was made worse due to an update that we launched earlier that day intended to enhance performance around games. The two things together increased the load on our database globally which caused it to slow out. We chose to roll back the Friday update that we had previously released hoping that it would reduce the load on the servers going into Sunday and also giving us the opportunity to dig deeper into the root of the issue.

On Sunday, though, cheap D2R Ladder Items became clear what we'd done on the previous day wasn't enough. We also saw an additional increase in traffic, causing us to hit another interruption. The servers for our games were watching the database's absence and tried to reconnect in a series of attempts, which meant that the database did not have the time to catch up with the work we had completed.