The long-term repercussions of being “adjudicated delinquent,” as well as the juvenile justice system itself, can be stressful for young people and parents of minors who are charged with crimes under the age of eight in New Jersey. Sometimes it can seem impossible that this is actually occurring to you. Unfortunately, New Jersey has shockingly high rates of youth arrests, criminal charges, juvenile drug possession, Juvenile defense attorney and adjudications.

Over 500 juvenile offenders are currently committed, on probation, or receiving aftercare in New Jersey, according to the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission.

For drug offences, Aggravated Assault, crimes against people, public order infractions, property crimes, probation violations, crimes involving weapons, and other offences, these juveniles have been declared delinquent. They are from counties all over the state, including Bergen, Essex, and Passaic, as well as Atlantic and Camden. They range in age from eighth students to high school graduates and GED holders. Their backgrounds, races, and personal histories are all diverse, but they all share the same trait: they were admitted into the juvenile court system and haven’t yet exited it. This outcome is not guaranteed if you are a juvenile or the parent of a kid accused of a crime in New Jersey. You can beat juvenile charges and go on to live the life you deserve with the help of an accomplished New Jersey juvenile defense lawyer.

Alissa Hascup is devoted to offering her clients the best opportunity for a prosperous future. Alissa Hascup is a talented juvenile defense lawyer who transitioned from being a prosecutor. She draws on her background on both sides of the courtroom to help her clients get the best results possible. Alissa’s practice covers the entire state, including Bergen County, Passaic County, Morris County, and Essex County, with offices in Little Falls, Newark, Camden, and Morristown.

She puts in a lot of effort to defend the innocence of children, youths, and young adults who face criminal charges.

She has won various prizes and medals thanks to her extraordinary talent and work ethic. She was, for example, listed by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys as one of the top 10 criminal defense lawyers in New Jersey. She has additionally been recognized by Super Lawyers as one of the Criminal Defense Rising Stars. Call Ms. Hascup’s offices at 862-257-1200 for urgent assistance to find out how she may be of service to you and the solutions you require at this time of great importance. Initial consultations are offered without charge at all times.

Juvenile Criminal Charges in New Jersey

In New Jersey, Alissa Hascup frequently represents minors and young people accused of a wide range of criminal offences. In New Jersey, a juvenile offence is known as a “act of juvenile delinquency.” The following offences are considered acts of juvenile delinquency: disorderly persons offences, minor disorderly persons offences, and violations of any other penal statute, ordinance, or regulation. If committed by an adult, these offences would be felonies.

Notably, if you are 18 or older and accused of a crime, you will be tried as an adult and face the same punishments as defendants who are adults. The most frequent accusations levelled at children, students, and young people include:

Disorderly Persons Offenses Assault and Threat Crimes Drug Crimes DWI and Alcohol-Related Crimes Sex Crimes Theft and Property Crimes Weapons Crimes To know more:

Best Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney We are one stop consultancy service offer for you. Schedule a Free Consultation in New Jersey Juvenile defense attorney. If your child is facing juvenile assault or threat crimes, DWI, DUI, theft crimes, or a sexual offense, you need the help of an experienced juvenile defense attorney. Contact the law office of Alissa Hascup today for a free consultation. call 862-257-1200 to schedule your free consultation defense lawyer near you! 

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