Combined with its excellent healing properties and premium flavor, honey is always available to please our taste buds. Honey has become part of our culinary tradition and its use dates back to the historical periods of human civilization. Thanks to its numerous virtues, over time it has become the epitome of sweetness. Its endless varieties and countless benefits have given it a wonderful appearance. Let's take a short journey through Sidr honey to get to know its unique varieties better

Sidr Honey

Sidr honey is one of the few honey varieties you should not forget to taste now. Although Yemen apple honey is very expensive, it can transport you to a very special world. Its limited availability and extreme nutritional value set it apart from other honey in its clan. As the name suggests, this honey comes from the Sidr tree, which is largely found in the desert regions of Yemen.

Although Sidr trees also grow in other countries, when honey is produced from these trees, the delicacy and special flavor of the honey can be lost. the nature of the soil and the prudent method of beekeeping can contribute to the uniqueness of this type of honey. similarly, no tablets, chemical compounds or perhaps any machinery are used in the production process.

Yemen Sidr honey can cure people of many diseases. it is great for digestive problems, surgical wounds, respiratory infections, abdominal ulcers, liver problems, constipation and many others. it can act as a protection against diseases caused by malnutrition. It can also strengthen the body's immune system and facilitate menstruation.

Manuka honey

This type of honey is mainly known for its excellent restorative homes that you won't find in other types. Manuka honey is mainly extracted from the manuka bush, which is native to New Zealand and has exceptional antibacterial properties. it has been shown to be particularly powerful in supporting and maintaining the health of the human digestive system. It suppresses the growth of pathogenic bacteria that can have dangerous health consequences while allowing the growth of probiotic bacteria that can be beneficial for wellness.

Manuka honey is slightly dark in color and quite strong in aroma, in contrast to Yemen Sidr honey, which is completely restrained in the aroma. It is widely used as a sweetener throughout the industry and is considered fairly well-known table honey in New Zealand.

The flourishing reputation of Manuka honey is that it has better antibacterial effects compared to all other types of honey. this is mainly because it contains all other antibacterial factors that are rarely found in different types of honey.

Manuka honey can be significantly effective in treating arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, insect bites, shingles, etc. It contains antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antiseptic components, so its recognition is increasing day by day.

 Although this honey is equally well known, Yemen's Sidr honey is one step ahead in this race because it has its own beautiful quality.