Consider using a glitter non woven bag as your centerpiece for your next party if you want to add a little extra pizazz. This printing method is actually quite simple, and you'll be able to produce stunning prints on any non-woven material in minutes.

What is a non woven printing process?

A heat press is used in the printing process for a glitter non woven bag. A heat press is a type of printing machine that uses high temperatures and pressure to quickly and easily print textiles.

How does a non woven printing process work?

Non woven printing processes employ a wide range of inks and printing techniques to produce a wide range of products, including glitter bags. The printing process begins with the application of a layer of nonwoven fabric to the surface of the substrate, such as paper. A layer of ink is then applied to the fabric using a variety of printing techniques. The fabric is removed once the print is finished, and the finished product is ready for sale.

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What are the benefits of using a non woven printing process?

There are numerous advantages to using a non woven printing process when printing a glitter non woven bag. This printing method is used to give the bag a more realistic glitter finish. Printed Non woven also reduces fabric shrinkage and distortion during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, this printing method provides a more consistent glitter finish across all bags produced with it.

What are the costs of using a non woven printing process?

A glitter non-woven bag's printing process is typically more expensive than a woven printing process. The main reason for this is that non woven bag with print logo requires more inks and produces higher-quality prints. Furthermore, the glitters used in these bags are frequently more difficult to print with, necessitating more time and care during the printing process.

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What type of design do you need for a non woven bag?

When printing a glitter non woven lunch bag, you will typically need either a static or animated design. Static designs are ideal for backdrop printing, whereas animated designs are suitable for front and back printing.


There is a specific printing process you must follow if you want to print glitter ornaments. Begin by tracing the ornament onto paper with a light pencil. Then, cover the ornament with a non-woven fabric (this will be your printing surface) and trace it again. Finally, sprinkle with glitter and cut out the design.