Islamabad has a diverse cultural heritage, thanks to the many immigrants who came to the city from different regions of Pakistan. The city's location in the Pothohar Plateau reveals remnants of ancient cultures and civilizations. The city is home to the 15th century Gakhar fort, which was built on top of a 10th century Hindu fort. The Gakhars also built the Rawat Fort, which is home to the tomb of Sultan Sarang Khan.

Pakistan's music culture is diverse, and has been influenced by the Hindustani music traditions of northern India. There are many escorts in Islamabad musical styles, including ghazals, which are poetry set to music. Some ghazals have gained a cult following in Pakistan, and qawwali, a type of devotional singing associated with Sufism, is also popular in Pakistan. Traditional instruments include the sitar, rabab, and dhol.
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