Automatic Electric tape wrapping machine for wire and tube

Full automatic tape winding machine is used for professional wire harness wrap winding,The tape including Duct Tape, PVC tape and cloth tape ,It is used for marking, fixing and protection ,Widely used in automotive, aerospace,electronics industries.For the wire and complex forming, provides.Get more news about Electric Tape Making Machine,you can vist our website!

automated placement and winding.It not only can guarantee the high quality of the wiring harness, but also good value.

1. touch screen with English display.

2.tape materials without release paper, such as Duct Tape, PVC tape and cloth tape, etc.

4.Flat, no wrinkles, the winding of the cloth tape is overlapped with the previous circle by 1/2

5.Switch between different winding modes: point winding at the same position, and spiral winding at different positions

6.Semi-automatic winding Available to custom lap and speed settings and has the output display