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After completing graduation, it is best to specialise in a branch of psychology to get better job opportunities. Here are some job positions if a student has completed a degree in industrial and organisational psychology.

  1. Industrial-organisational Consultant

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Suppose a professional is an Industrial-organisational psychologist; they can get employed in firms that focus on industrial-organisational issues like human resources and management psychology consulting companies. Moreover, they can also work as a sole proprietorship and offer services to firms.

I-O consultants offer expert advice on benefits and compensation, career planning, changes in management, development and training, employment law, evaluation, and testing.

Moreover, they also offer consultation on executive coaching and leadership, recruiting and selection, and talent and performance management.

I-O consultants provide these services based on information found from research and practices.

  1. Behavioural Analyst

If a student is thinking about becoming an I-O psychologist, they also need to become a behaviour analyst because behaviour analysis is a huge part of the job. A behaviour analyst assesses different employee problems and aims to solve them by implementing strategies that can remove unacceptable conduct in the workplace.

They can also study employee behaviour and the things that influence that behaviour. They also find ways to solve those behavioural problems.

Some behaviour analysts can opt for analysing through data by developing technical reports that explain and quantify performance, product, and retention findings to enhance workplace behaviours.

  1. HR Organizational Development Specialist

" rel="do-follow">'s goals, strategies, and systems and by applying behavioural science principles.

Moreover, they develop, execute and handle different programs that help evaluate existing and possible company requirements concerning employee and organisational development.

This process includes the growth and supervision of training programs that can build employee abilities, expand their knowledge, and increase their leadership skills.

These professionals also help firms to bring changes to their management that can take place when companies merge or reorganise.

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