Steering your car is an important aspect of driving that requires constant attention. A hydraulic cylinder is in charge of keeping your car in alignment, and when something goes wrong, the steering wheel can become unresponsive. In this article, we'll look at how to replace your XCMG hydraulic cylinder quickly and without having to take your car into a garage.

What is the XCMG hydraulic cylinder steering cylinder?

The XCMG hydraulic cylinder steering cylinder is a type of hydraulic cylinder found on some of XCMG's trucks and buses. The cylinder powers the truck's steering system. Because it is available in many different parts stores across the United States, replacing the XCMG hydraulic cylinder steering cylinder is faster than replacing other types of truck components.

How to replace an XCMG hydraulic cylinder steering cylinder?

If your XCMG hydraulic cylinder steering is giving you trouble, it may be time to replace it. We'll show you how to do it quickly and easily in this article.

1.Remove the cylinder's cover. The cover is held in place by a small bolt on the RH side. After removing the bolt, the cover can be removed.

2. Locate the hydraulic line that enters the cylinder and cut it at both ends (or use a piece of wire to disconnect it). Then, disconnect the line from the cylinder.

3. Disconnect the electrical connector at the cylinder's base (it looks like a round, metal plug). Then, unscrew the cylinder from the steering column from both sides. Make sure you don't lose any screws!

4. Inspect the inside of the cylinder for damage or wear and replace anything that needs to be replaced. Reassembly is the same as reverse order!

Tools required for the replacement

In order to replace an XCMG hydraulic cylinder steering cylinder, you will need the following tools:

-Tape measure
-Piston ring pliers
-Steel wire brush

The entire replacement procedure takes about two hours. The following are step-by-step instructions:

1. Remove the wheel and tire first. Measure the circumference of the wheel at its widest point with a tape measure. This will be your guide for calculating how many wrenches/nuts and bolts you'll require. It should be noted that the entire wheel must be removed for this job.

2. Remove the shock absorbers, upper control arms, and ball joints from the front suspension components. Label and save all of the component parts in case you need to reinstall them later. You'll also need to disconnect the brake lines on both sides of the vehicle. Finally, using a pair of piston ring pliers, remove the steering rack from behind the steering column.

3. Remove all eight bolts that hold the steering rack in place.

Procedure for replacing an XCMG hydraulic cylinder steering cylinder

If your XCMG hydraulic cylinder steering cylinder is giving you trouble, it may be time to replace it. This is a simple procedure that can be completed in a short period of time.

Gather all of the necessary tools and supplies first. A socket set, ratchet, screwdriver, wrench, and T-bar clamp are required. You'll also need hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, and a funnel.

Remove the steering column coverplate by unscrewing the four screws that hold it in place. Take care not to lose any screws! When the coverplate is removed, the steering cylinder is visible inside the column.

To replace the steering cylinder, first unscrew the old one from the column with the socket set and ratchet. When removing the old cylinder, take care not to pinch your fingers! Slide it out of the way once it's free.

Then, using the screwdriver and wrench, twist the new cylinder into place in the column. Check that it is properly seated by pressing down on it with your hand. Then, screw the coverplate back onto the steering column.