For the city - ease the traffic, enhance the city appearance, improve the quality of citizens.
The use of outdoor bike rack effectively solves the problem of bicycle parking order. It not only plays a positive role in environmental protection, convenient travel, and ease of traffic pressure, but also contributes to the construction of urban beautification and the creation of an environmentally friendly society. The installation of bicycle racks will improve the appearance of the city, beautify the city, and improve the quality of citizens. It has subtly changed people's behavior and guided civilization to park!

For individuals - prevent bike theft and encourage more cycling enthusiasts
Bicycle parking racks can prevent theft. In places where bicycle parking facilities are installed, even if there are no special personnel to take care of them, it is difficult to lose bicycles. Parkers simply park the front or rear wheel of the bicycle between the card slots in the two racks and lock the bike to the front iron bars. If there is no key, it is very difficult to pry the car. If you want to steal the car, you have to carry away the ten-meter-long iron frame. The application of bicycle parking racks can effectively ensure the safety of users' bicycles, thereby encouraging more cycling enthusiasts to travel green. After all, bicycles are still irreplaceable short-distance means of transportation for commuters.

For companys- ease the tension of parking spaces and reduce the cost of building car parking lots.

The bicycle parking rack not only improves the parking rate and maximizes the rational use of the space, but also encourages the company's employees to travel with low carbon, replaces the car with bicycles, improves the company's car parking space, and reduces the company's land cost.

Types of outdoor bike racks


At present, in order to solve the problem of bicycle parking, all kinds of bicycle parking devices emerge in an endless stream, and the following are five common outdoor bicycle parking racks.


Two tier bike rack

Two-tier bicycle parking rack is to solve the problem of random parking of bicycles. It can realize neat and orderly parking of bicycles and electric vehicles by folding and lifting, vertical lifting, horizontal movement, pulling, fixing, fixing, etc. It is suitable for public Parking lots, high-end office buildings, apartment buildings, schools and other places with high environmental quality requirements are the best choice for high-end customers. According to product characteristics, double-layer bicycle parking racks can be divided into folding lift, vertical lift, horizontal movement, direct pressure and pull-out.


  • Can save space - storing bikes semi-vertically instead of on the floor helps to save valuable floor area
  • It is easy to use - easy to use rack where users simply lift the bike into the space.
  • They can be surface mounted, wall or floor mounted.
  • These parking racks come as  galvanised as standard and can be supplied with locking loops and bolts to put them together.
  • With a high security locking hoop, supplied as standard, which allows for both the frame and wheels to be secured.
  • Whether you create a central island or place them against the wall, you’ll be providing convenient, secure and easy-to-use infrastructure for cyclists.