Whether you are a property owner or a business owner, getting your business ADA compliant can be a difficult and long process. If you don’t have suitable access for disabled persons, then you have violated the equal rights of disabled persons and may be exposed to an ADA lawsuit. However, you can get your business ADA certified with an ADA coordinator, popularly known as a certified access specialist (CASP). A CASP is experienced and a professional in the field of construction accessibility. These inspectors are certified by the California division of state architects. They are certified to conduct accessibility inspections before and during the construction of a commercial facility. The CASP inspection program was created by Senate Bill 1608 and is designed to tackle the increasing number of disability lawsuits. These lawsuits can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and settlements. However, an ADA-compliant business is protected from litigation in that aspect. Here are some reasons you should hire a CASP for your construction project.

    • To prevent an ADA lawsuit

As highlighted above, one of the main reasons for hiring a CASP is to protect your business from lawsuits. Lawyers and not plaintiffs head these ADA lawsuits; multiple properties are sued every day, and they are financially draining for any business.

More than enough information about the accessibility of your business can be gotten just from a good glance at it. Thanks to technology, many people rely on websites for their business. However, the laws also apply to website owners. The website should be accessible to all disabled persons.

    • Reduce the damage in the lawsuit

The best way to avoid an ADA lawsuit or active litigation is to get a proper evaluation early into the construction process. However, most business and facility owners find themselves in active litigation before turning to CASP and ADA compliance professionals for help. These lawsuits can cost a whole lot and preys on business and property owners who are clueless about their legal ADA exposure. Unfortunately, CASP inspections are often conducted when the property or business is sued. Proper inspection and review reports by a CASP can help save the business owner some money.

    • Ensure equal accessibility for all

When your business is inaccessible to disabled persons, you shoot yourself in the leg because you will cut down the percentage of clients you should expect. About 26% of Americans have one disability or the other, which can be translated to one in four persons in America having a disability. A CASP inspection report will help ensure your business is easily accessible to all, including disabled persons. This act goes a long way in defending the rights of disabled persons.