Laser hair removal is a minimally invasive, cosmetic dermatological procedure performed at Dadu Medical Centre, one of the best laser skin clinics in Delhi that aims to remove undesirable or excess hair on any body part or face. Like any other treatment, it must be performed only after the client is aware of the dos and don’ts so that the treatment is as effective as possible. Preparing well before the treatment and taking extra care of the treated site after the treatment is very much important for the candidate’s safety and comfort and at Dadu Medical Centre, the Best Full Body Laser Hair Removal Clinic In Delhi, patient safety is given priority and helps them achieve safe and desired results.

If one is planning to go ahead with laser hair removal, here are some before and after treatment instructions that are suggested by the best cosmetic laser doctor in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre.

Before The Laser Hair Removal Session:

Prior to arriving for the treatment, the candidate must follow these do’s and don’ts:

a.4-6 weeks or longer before the treatment

  • Discontinue the intake of Isotretinoin- a drug to treat severe cystic acne
  • Do not undergo filler treatment- both natural and synthetic soft tissue fillers

b.3 weeks beforehand

  • Do not remove unwanted hair by other alternative methods that disrupt the hair follicle as preserving the hair roots and melanin pigment is imperative for the success of laser treatment. The hair removal methods that must be avoided include waxing, chemical epilation, threading, micro-needling, and tweezing.

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