We all know that mini cement plant equipment is the equipment with a considerable investment in the entire concentrator, accounting for more than 50%. Therefore, ensuring the normal operation of the mini cement plant is a necessary condition to ensure the normal production of the entire concentrator. However, when the mini cement plant is used, some failures often occur, thus affecting its production efficiency.

So how to effectively solve or avoid the failure of the mini cement plant is an effective way to improve the efficiency of the mini cement plant. We have sorted out some common faults and spare parts faults of mini cement plants.

Today, the editor continues to sort out some sudden failures and solutions of mini cement plants for you. The sudden failure of the mini cement plant is generally caused by multiple reasons such as long-term high-speed operation, job responsibility and improper operation.

The stator coil of the mini cement plant is broken down in the whole system of the mini cement plant. There will be iron-containing dust in the air around the material. After a long time of operation, the iron-containing dust will adhere to the coil of the mini cement plant stator. Thickness will cause short-circuit discharge on the surface of the stator coil. When a short circuit occurs for many times, the insulator of the coil will be damaged, resulting in the phenomenon of ignition breakdown, which will cause the mini cement plant to stop running.

In the absence of a backup motor, it is difficult to continue the grinding work. So we can correlate this fault with the lack of cylinders in the car and find a solution. At this time, the breakdown coil should be cut off immediately, and scientific protection measures should be adopted, and the mini cement plant should be started again to continue production.