6061 4x8 aluminum sheet is a typical structural aluminum and one of the most common extruded alloys. Its mechanical properties make it an ideal material for a wide range of applications such as automated mechanical parts, precision machining, automotive chassis, and cake molds.
At present, the lightweight of automobiles is the general trend. The lightweight design of automobiles adopts modern design methods and effective means. On the premise of ensuring the comprehensive performance of the automobile, the design of automobile products is optimized or new materials are used to achieve lightweight, energy saving and emission reduction.
In this regard, 6061 aluminum plate has unparalleled advantages:
1. Lightweight. All aluminium is at least 100kg lighter than conventional steel. It also helps improve power, fuel economy and handling control.
2. Corrosion resistance. Durability is higher than steel.
3. Safer. Aluminum absorbs twice as much energy as regular steel.
Food safety is vital to our health. Which mold is safe to use for baking cakes? Generally speaking, most people prefer anodized aluminum molds to ceramic molds or silicone molds.
Aluminum molds have the following advantages:
1. It is cheap, durable and lightweight.
2. It has no coating, no harm to the body.
3. It has good thermal conductivity and uniform heating effect, which contributes to better baking quality.
6061 Aluminum Sheet is one of Huawei Aluminum's best-selling products. Our "1+1" hot tandem rolling production line is specially designed for the production of mid-to-high-end products such as 6061 aluminum plate, 2 series aluminum plate, 7 series aluminum plate and so on.