When you play an OSRS Gold for a long period of time such as 15 years or more, it's a big an integral part of your life, regardless of whether you like playing by yourself or becoming an active member of the community. RuneScape has celebrated its 20th anniversary this year and while there were a few highlights in the form of in particular the Elder God Wars dungeon and Azzanadra's Quest however there were some lows, for instance being locked out of your account. Login Lockout.

In the end, I believe RuneScape has the strength to make it to its 30th anniversary because of the portable and Steam version of the game have introduced it to a new audience. I'll definitely be watching for the latest adventures, especially when they feature penguins or Reworking the construction skill and, if I'm in need of a rest, I can always return to Old School RuneScape.

A game can be played for a thousand hours however it doesn't mean that you're a fan of it. We've all seen the meme of someone giving a negative Steam review that has more than 5000 hours recorded. But let's be honest, that's not a crazy concept any more.

I've invested hundreds of hour into Fallout 4, and I probably played through about five hours. The remainder was just a promises of pleasure, with the bloody 'kill loot and return' loop fooling my brain into thinking I was enjoying itself. It's been interesting to read the things you've said about Skyrim and how you've reverted back to it yet again. We're all a bit pathetic, us.

Then what's Old School RuneScape? I'm not sure. It's generally easy to identify the games that are time-sink as they take over your life, and then you moan about it online. However, RuneScape is completely different. When I'm not gaming, I still don't really have an opinion about it. I hear the music in my head, and feel a pull bringing me back to it. It was discovered that it was on mobile was a mistake. My family hasn't heard from me in weeks.

RuneScape was one of the pioneers. It was a game that is solely about engagement, which doesn't necessarily need to coincide with enjoyment. But that's not to suggest that the two are incompatible, it just means that there are ways to keep you playing in the absence of having fun.

RuneScape is also one of the best in what it does. I've been watching the fan-made documentary RuneScape Historical Timeline 1998 through 2020, on the development (it truly has impacted all aspects to my personal life) and the game's developers were stunned to see players max out statistics in months instead of years.

The most prestigious accounts were online for over 10 hours in a single day, every day. And coming back in 2021, I can see why. If you're into the fantasy genre and the music that is atmospheric will make you feel relaxed. Everything is so basic that your mind creates the story. I think this is the reason we were hooked as kids and it's the best place to experience your own adventures.

As an adult, it feels like the equivalent of a second job. Not in a bad way however, I suppose. But I'll also be watching TV on the couch in front of the TV with the laptop I've been using for eight hours at my day job, grinding away at my level of magic due to the fact that I've decided that my character would be an awesome wizard. The next day, maybe I'd like to realize my childhood dream of getting all black armour. So now I'm a knight rs gold 2007, I imagine.