Without a doubt, FUT is by far the best football simulation game series in the world. More official news has been released as FUT 23 is about to be released. According to the latest news, FUT 23 will finally support cross-play, allowing you to play against friends on other video game consoles too. Players can pre-purchase reliable FUT 23 Coins from UTnice.com to prepare for the game's launch.

It's worth noting that only consoles of the same generation can play with each other. That's not a big deal at all, though, as most players have jumped on the latest generation of FIFA 23 Coins For Sale platforms. Another thing to note is that not all game modes are cross-playable, the only possible modes are:

FUT Champions
FUT Ultimate Online Draft
FUT Division Rivals
FUT Online Friendlies
online season
Online friendly match
Virtual Bundesliga

Due to cross-platform play, FIFA 23 will also add a shared FUT transfer marketplace, meaning that different players from other consoles can buy gamer cards that are on sale on your platform, improving the chances of gamer card deals. However, only the PC and Nintendo Switch versions of FUT 23 will not be included in the pool.

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It's definitely an exciting time for FUT loyal fans, and you'll be able to share the fun of playing UT with so many new friends and competitors from different platforms around the world. Once FUT 23 releases in September 2022, things are going to get pretty lively and you'll definitely want to party too.

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