The wifi jammer will send a predefined white noise signal within a specific bandwidth, thereby interrupting all wifi/Bluetooth communications. Our interference unit can be programmed to interfere with any number of discrete frequencies within its RF function range. For the basic wifi interference system, the effective interference radius is about 20 meters.

Jammer devices also include Wi-Fi jammers and cell phone jammers, which prevent your phone from receiving or making calls, emails, and text messages. They can also prevent Wi-Fi-enabled devices from connecting to the Internet to perform multiple operations, prevent you from using GPS to receive accurate positioning signals, and prevent being discovered by first responders in an emergency.

WiFi Bluetooth Jammer Cell Phone Jammer

Maritime safety experts have warned for years that simple GPS jamming methods may pose risks to commercial navigation. According to officials from the US Department of Defense, the Russian military is deploying a weapon-based GPS jamming that can effectively prevent certain UAV operations over Syria and even affect UAVs equipped with anti-jamming technology. As more and more operators consider deploying autonomous ships and aircraft at sea, high-spec military equipment is vulnerable to GPS jammer.

Four officials told NBC News that so far, the attack has only affected small surveillance drones, not the U.S. Air Force's armed Predator and Reaper models. They refused to discuss the possibility of a small plane falling due to obstruction. In addition to GPS receivers, high-end drones such as Global Hawk, Predator and Reaper are also equipped with an inertial navigation system that does not rely on external signals for positioning.

We know that the mobile phone jamming law will interfere with changes in other parts of the world, some areas are restricted, but some areas are allowed, some suspensions.. signal jammer will eliminate malicious calls in public places. In India, they installed hardware to protect the meeting from interference. In addition, the people of India and China extensively use signal jammers to deter school fraudsters. Even in Mexico, churches and hospitals allow the use of signal jammers in Pakistan so that banks and libraries can be used.