HP printer is one of the most prominent printer manufacturers in the world. It is recognized for its proficiency in performing various tasks, including print, scan, copy, fax, and more. However, the HP printer, in several instances, fails in performing the functions obstructing your day-to-day tasks. One of the issues behind the unsuccessful attempt of executing the tasks is the HP printer supply memory error. This error message reflects when your printer fails to detect the toner cartridge or if the cartridge inserted is incompatible with the printer model you own. Moreover, the outdated or problematic printer driver is another issue that may be responsible for HP printer supply memory error.

Find out more about the error and the various techniques to overcome the issue described below.

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Causes of HP Printer Supply Memory Error

Given below are some of the causes that result in the HP printer supply memory error:

  • Improper unpacking of printer leaving the wrapping plastic material or a tape stuck to any part of the printer.
  • Paper bits in the paper tray causing paper jam results in printer supply memory error.
  • Any breakage within the cartridge or entire printer.
  • A problematic firmware could also be a reason for HP printer supply memory error sometimes.

Fixing Techniques

Now that you are aware of the possible causes of the HP printer supply memory error, the techniques cited below will certainly lead you out of the issue. All you need to do is follow them properly in a sequence. Check out the techniques below:

Ensure the proper metal contacts connection

Your HP printer toner cartridge gets detectible with the available two metal contacts. These metal contacts can be connected using the steps given below:

  • Turn your HP printer off, removing the cables and connections, including the power cord.
  • Next, remove the toner cartridge to find the metal contacts in your printer that appear to be like microchips or square-shaped metals.
  • Ensure the smooth connections of the metal contacts inside the printer without affecting any other part of the printer.
  • Then pull them a bit closer and check if your printer is working well.

Replace your existing toner cartridge with the new one

In case the supply memory error persists, you need to replace your toner cartridge in your HP printer. To do so:

  • First, open the door where ink cartridges are installed and gently remove them from there.
  • Unwrap your new ink cartridge carefully, removing all the wrapping materials and tapes.
  • Hold the cartridge firmly from both sides, making even distribution of the toner on the cartridge in your HP printer.
  • Place and install the cartridge appropriately, then close the door properly.
  • Try a sample printout to check if your printer has begun to work well.

Update firmware

The printer firmware, if outdated, corrupted, or broken, may cause the HP printer supply memory error. Therefore, you need to replace the old and outdated firmware with the latest one. To get the accurate firmware software for the HP printer, you can visit the manufacturer’s official website.

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