With the emergence of automation, globally, the demand in the market is projected to surge over the coming years, rapid development of digitally integrated technologies across the healthcare industry is boosting the dental laboratories market. With the increase in the speed of digitization within the traditional dental workflow, dental laboratories have seen an upward trend in terms of market value. In cases of surgery and orthodontia, digital platforms such as unified digital simulations and virtual planning for dentistry operations provide numerous treatment steps and workflow with software intimation. With the introduction of CAD/CAM to expedite the process of planning and management of complex dental procedures and implant design through 3D imaging, dental laboratories are advancing towards improved patient diagnosis and these technology advancements lead to the development and growth of the market.

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Edentulous (tooth loss) is a major oral health concern across the globe. According to the WHO (2021), globally, 18% of individuals aged between 60 and 75 years are edentulous. Periodontal diseases and dental cavities are the major causes of tooth loss. As the elderly are more susceptible to such ailments, the growth in the population globally will increase the number of people suffering from oral health problems. According to the UN, the global geriatric population (aged 60 years and above) will increase from 710 million in 2020 to 1.15 billion in 2030. Thus, significant growth in the geriatric population and associated increase in the prevalence of edentulous is expected to propel the dental laboratories market across the globe in the forecasted period. Factors owing to the rising incidence of periodontal diseases, the high prevalence rate of the elderly population, growing lifestyle shifts leading to unhealthy dietary practices, high tobacco consumption, and the recent wave of industrial automation, the dental laboratories market is expected to grow at a profitable rate.

The increasing trend of celebrities and social media influencers showcasing their perfect smiles on social media platforms has triggered a need for the immense spread of this surgery or oral health appeal in the field of dentistry worldwide. For instance, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 89.7% of individuals believe that their smile is a vital social asset and nearly 74% of individuals agreed to be under an increased pressure to perfect their smile, thereby, increasing the number of celebrities and adults seeking orthodontic treatment. This high demand has increased the development of a wide range of techniques and procedures that cater to the specific needs of the patients, thus, propelling the growth of the market.